Windows 10 Latest Update is Causing Access Errors in Microsoft Teams

Users of Windows 10 continue to experience bugs in the monthly patch updates, with the latest one coming on May 12th breaking the access to some Microsoft apps. Commercial users updating their Windows 10 to May Tuesday patch started complaining about accessibility issues in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook. Microsoft acknowledged the bug and suggested a temporary workaround.

Bugs in Windows 10 May Update

Windows 10 Latest Update is Causing Access Errors in Microsoft Teams

It has become a routine for Microsoft to include bugs in almost every of its monthly patch updates. While this could be unintentional, it still frustrates the users since losing access to some of the important services and go through the hassle process of rectifying them. This could mostly be rolling back to earlier versions or waiting for another update.

Now, a new update in Windows 10 is causing accessibility issues for Microsoft apps like Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook. These issues are experienced by enterprise users who updated their Windows 10 machines to the May 12th update, which has patches for Bluetooth driver bugs.

Also, the same update has brought the News and Interests section into the Taskbar. More intriguing is this update is an automatic one, thus users won’t realize they have been upgraded, but face roadblocks like “We’re sorry, we’ve run into an issue,” error cases like “80080300” while logging into some Microsoft apps.

One good thing here is that Microsoft acknowledges the issue, where it said the problems pertain to users whose systems have applied the Windows 10 KB5003169 (version 1909) security update. While we hope Microsoft is working on a fix for this, the company has suggested a temporary workaround until then.

Users facing this issue can try restarting their system (OS) or the concerned application to see the problem resolved. Microsoft said the problem arises due to an issue in the code of the latest batch of Windows 10 updates.

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