Windows 10 Apps and General Functions to Get Revamped Design

As per a proposal document posted by Microsoft on GitHub, the OS maker is planning to bring UI design changes to most of its Windows 10 sections. These include the list/grid view, windows shape, toggles, buttons, and even apps in Microsoft Store. These changes may come sometime later this year, after testing.

Microsoft to Bring Heavy UI Changes in Windows 10

Microsoft has already said it’s not bringing anything like Windows 11 in the future, as Windows 10 will be the last one and any improvements and fixes needed will be made to this only. Talking about improvements, Microsoft has been working on UI redesigning of Windows 10 completely and gradually.

For this, it said to be working more than a year, calling the upgrade as Fluent Design. Under this, the maker has redesigned the appearance of the app and made them suit well on the background theme. This is making the apps like Calculator, Calander, and app blocks background in Start Menu to adjust to the dark or light theme instead of solid colors.

Now, we have new changes coming up as Microsoft decides to push some more. As seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft has added a proposal document in GitHub where it notes making UI design changes to things like rating controls, sliders, toggles in the XAML apps, which are found in the Microsoft Store.

This is meant for ironing the inconsistencies that arise between the different versions of the app. Also, there are notes for changes to ListView, GridView, Rounded Cornered Windows, and the Selection Menu in Windows 10. The whole interface is getting revamped with a flyout mode.

All these changes may show up in the upcoming versions releasing sometime later this year. We expect them to happen in the second half of 2021 since they have to be trailed and tested by Windows Insiders before being rolled out to general users.

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