WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 10 Gets Disappearing Messages in Latest Update

After launching the disappearing messages in its mobile clients, WhatsApp has now provided its desktop app. In a recent update to its WhatsApp Desktop in Windows 10, the instant messenger will have introduced Disappearing Messages, which will be auto-deleted after 7 days. While this is useful, it has some limitations as its mobile counterpart.

WhatsApp Desktop Gets Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 10
WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 10

While it’s true that WhatsApp is slow in pushing new features, it’s at least making them available on all platforms almost at the same time. We’ve seen the messager has introduced disappearing messages for both Android and iOS lately. And now, it has pushed the same support to its Desktop app in Windows 10 also.

It shares the same specifications and limitations as it mobile client, where the messages sent with disappearing function ON will be vanishing automatically after 7 days. Further, it mentioned that either of the users in a one-on-one chat could turn on this feature, but only the administrator has this option in group chats.

If a user has forwarded a disappearing message to others where this option isn’t turned ON, they will not disappear. If a person doesn’t open WhatsApp (or chat) until 7 days, the messages will still disappear. Still, the preview of them in the notification panel will be available even after that.

Users who’re quoting the disappearing messages will remain, even after the 7-day span. If a user has backed up the chat, which includes the disappearing messages, they will remain undeleted until the chat is restored and vanish right after reinstalling. At last, WhatsApp talked about the media on how this feature will be performing in it.

Users who download the media will get them into their gallery. Thus they can’t be deleted. But, the shared media in WhatsApp chats will be deleted after the span. Users can instead turn off the automatic download by visiting WhatsApp settings > Data usage and archive.

These features will be available in WhatsApp for Desktop in version 2.2045.19.0, which can be downloaded through Microsoft Store. Besides disappearing messages, it has performance improvements and some bug fixes.

Via: MS Poweruser

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