Uno Platform Made a New Linux Calculator Based on Windows Calculator

Uno platform, a cross-platform runtime UI, has tuned the Windows calculator as Uno calculator to run on Linux distributions. Microsoft has open-sourced its Windows 10 modern calculator’s code last year, which was now taken by the Uno team to let users make calculations and conversions on various Linux distros.

A New Calculator For Linux Distributions

One of the simple yet productive apps in Windows or macOS is the calculator. While every OEM has its own version, Linux is left with either GNOME Calculator or the Qt app Qalculate. Though they serve the basic functionality, users ask for more like in Windows 10 Calculator.

Uno platform Made a New Linux Calculator Based on Windows Calculator

Thus, to satisfy their thirst, the Uno platform has taken charge to tune the Windows calculator as Uno calculator, making it run on all the Linux distributions. The Uno platform is a cross-platform runtime, which uses the Skia rendering engine for pulling out the UI of other OS and use it for apps running on Linux.

It’s more like a “code once, run everywhere” type, letting developers build mobile and PC apps based on C# and XAML to run them on various operating systems. With that power, the Uno team has used the open-source code of Windows 10 calculator to make a new one, supporting Linux distros.

The new app, named Uno Calculator for copyright issues, lives on Snap Store for everyone to download. Alternatively, users can try the app by opening a terminal and typing the following command;

sudo snap install uno-calculator –beta

It’s capable of doing the same functions as standard, scientific, and programming calculations like in Windows 10 calculator, it’s having even more units for measurements, currencies, and sets of converters.

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