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Microsoft Edge Browser Soon Asks Users to Authenticate

Microsoft Prompts Users to Set Edge Browser as Default via Search Box

In pursuit of gaining more market share, Microsoft is pushing its Windows 10 users to make their Edge browser as default. While the Chromium-based...

Microsoft to Soon Support ARM-Based x64 App Emulation in Windows

Microsoft confirmed that it's getting closer to support x64 emulation for Windows-based on ARM. This would enable the vast majority of apps that have...

Windows XP Source Code Leak Has a Theme Resembling Apple’s Aqua UI

The source leak of the Windows XP last week has surfaced severe features and themes that Microsoft has developed for it in early days....
Latest Windows 10 Shows Revamped Disk Management Tool

Latest Windows 10 Shows Revamped Disk Management Tool

After revamping several features in its latest Windows 10 builds, Microsoft has finally decided to take care of the Disk Management system too. From...