March 29, 2023

New Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 update, which effectively removes Adobe’s Flash Player from the system. The company has earlier announced that it’s ending support for Adobe’s Flash Player by December 31st, 2020, and is preparing to warm up users for that. Microsoft mentioned that any Windows 10 version can apply this update but cannot be uninstalled once updated.

New Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash Player

New Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player lets users creators multimedia, and others play it. It was an integral part for everyone when users rely on Windows Explorer to browse and used MSN messenger to chat. Since those times have faded, the time for Adobe’s Flash Player to disappear has also come.

Microsoft has earlier announced its ending support for Adobe’s Flash Player in its Windows 10 soon. As it had set the date already (December 31st), it’s preparing users for a long to get accustomed without it. Under this, it has now released a new catalog update, where it effectively removes the Flash Player from the users’ systems.

Named as version KB4577586, this new Windows 10 update is optional and available for everyone to download, irrespective of their current Windows 10 versions. Microsoft has clearly mentioned that this update, when installed, cannot be removed. This is explained as, “We are releasing this removal update in advance of the end of support to help customers test and validate their environments for any impact that might occur by the removal of Adobe Flash Player.”

While this ends the support for it, Microsoft assured that it would push any future security updates being supplied to Adobe’s Flash Player. Further, a BleepingComputer report claims that this catalog update removes only the Flash Player that comes with Windows 10 by default. The Adobe’s Flash Player installed as a standalone app by the user or the components embedded into web browsers remain alive.

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