New Windows 10 Bugs Cause Black Screen and Deletes Browser Data

Microsoft has warned users about two bugs in their Windows 10 versions, which may cause the display to go black or delete the browser data.  The company has released an update to patch the former, but the latter continues to plague users. Both the bugs have been reported in Windows 10 May update, and also in October update.

Microsoft Notes Two Bugs in Windows 10

Windows 10 Bugs
Windows 10 Bugs

While Windows 10 cumulative updates starting this year are plagued with more bugs than fixes, Microsoft used to patch them in the next update. Two serious bugs reported since May this year are still alive and are causing troubles to users. While Microsoft has acknowledged these bugs, it’s said to be working on a fix still.

One of those two bugs is the black screen’s cause when drawing on using an Office app. This was first seen in May this year when Microsoft pushed the Windows 10 version 2004 update. It has come with Cloud Recovery, Windows Sandbox improvements, etc. Users have first reported this issue in their external (secondary) monitors, but later on, primary monitors too.

While Microsoft said it has acknowledged the issue and working on a patch, it wasn’t solved until now. The company has released a new cumulative update to fix this issue, which is also applicable to Windows 10 October 2020 Update as both versions share the same core components. While this has been fixed now, the second of two bugs reported is still troubling.

This is regarding the browsers based on Chromium and Microsoft’s own apps! Also, after updating the Windows 10 May update, users reported that Edge and Chrome browsers have stopped syncing the data and were resetting the app data automatically on every reboot! This forced them to log in to their accounts every time they turn on their PC.

Both Google and Microsoft are aware of the issue. Thus we can expect a fix for this soon. Microsoft said, “We are working on a fix for this issue, but due to the nature of WindowsUpdates, it will, unfortunately, be a while longer until we can release it via a monthly servicing update.”

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