Modern File Explorer in Windows 10X Removes Many Legacy Features

Microsoft is making many changes in its file explorer, which will be called the Modern File Explorer and be launched with Windows 10X initially. It’s seen this new version will be removing all the legacy components and works with files from local storage and the OneDrive cloud. Also, the Win32 apps support will be removed to push users to use Cloud PC.

Windows 10X Will Get Modern File Explorer

Windows 10X Modern File Explorer

Though Microsoft earlier said that Windows 10X isn’t a replacement for the standard Windows 10 OS, it doesn’t seem to be so. The continuous leaks on Windows 10X hints that Microsoft is moving to a much better option like Google’s Chrome OS – to cloud.

For this, it’s cutting many offline functionalities in its Windows 10X, making it lighter and suitable for dual-screen devices perfectly. Yet, this doesn’t mean users are put away from Microsoft services. They’ll be asked to approach the Microsoft cloud services like the Cloud PC and OneDrive for most of the services.

In its Modern File Explorer, it’s seen Microsoft is killing many options like This PC, Network Settings, and the Properties Menu. Thus, only the options for accessing local storage files and the contents from OneDrive will be seen in Modern File Explorer.

Windows 10X Modern File Explorer Settings

Settings were completely moved to the main settings app, and it’s made to look like a File Manager from any Android device. Also, the support for File Explorer extensions or apps like OpenShell in Windows 10X is disabled.

While this concerns a bit, it’s revealed that Microsoft is coming with a Cloud PC concept, where most of the heavy apps will be accessible from the web. Streaming them directly from the web puts no weight on systems. Thus they don’t require high-end resources but a good internet connection.

Also, UWP apps like Mail and Calander will be removed, and Office apps are hosted on the web, helping Microsoft update them regularly and easily.

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