Microsoft WinUI Stable Update Coming in Mid-2021

Microsoft’s WinUI, which is considered to be the latest interface for developers to create apps for the Windows system, has a new update coming next year.

The maker has already released two previews of WinUI and is gearing up to launch the stable update of WinUI in mid-2021. This is confirmed from the timeline, with Windows 10 20H2 users receiving first when launched.

Microsoft WinUI Coming Next Year

To develop the user interface more smoothly, Microsoft has introduced the Fluent Design system earlier this year. While this bought a new look to apps and some Windows 10 machines sections, it’s limited to users only. Now, thinking about developers, Microsoft has a new UI to create Windows apps using modern tools.

Trailing with the WinUI for almost a year now, developers are ready for the next update – WinUI preview 3 to see what’s new in it. Microsoft is seen revamping the Windows 10 Start Menu and Action Center a bit in earlier previews, including a drag and drop in the development environment. These could be stabilized in the next preview, with more new features being included.

WinUI release roadmap
WinUI release roadmap

WinUI is also an important component of Microsoft’s Project Reunion that deals with making the modern UWP APIs and Win32 desktop apps.

Since this will be rolled separately to developers, interested candidates get this to refresh their own desktop apps to run smoothly on the next Windows 10 update.

After all, Microsoft wishes to provide a modern yet smooth experience to its users while dealing with Windows 10. May this come true soon, as the timeline of WinUI suggests the stable rollout of WinUI coming in Q2/Q3 of 2021, with the last developer preview (WinUI 3.0) rolling this month.

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