Microsoft Will Let Users Copy-and-Paste Contents Across Devices

Microsoft is planning to enhance its Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard service further, by letting users sync their copied texts across devices. As spotted by Techradar, this feature will let users using the SwiftKey keyboard on Android to copy a text in their phones and paste that in a document in their PCs later, and vice versa.

Copy-and-Paste their Contents Across Devices

While Microsoft is trying to show users that its updates can serve real value, it failed pathetically in terms of monthly Windows 10 cumulative update that has more bugs than features. This is even added by the latest practices of Edge browser, which is accused of adding apps and copying credential data.

And to make users forget about all such mishaps, Microsoft is planning to release a new support feature that would let users rejoice. The Cloud Clipboard functionality in Windows 10 was launched back in 2018, which is a productivity feature to let users to copy-and-paste contents from one PC to another if they’re having the same Microsoft account logged in.

While this is limited to just PCs and laptops since then, the maker is now trailing to support the Android smartphones, as per Techradar report. This project has been announced in 2018 itself but was halted for some reasons. This needs the users to be using SwiftKey keyboard on their Android devices, which Microsoft has acquired earlier.

The new support is based on the Cloud Clipboard service of Microsoft, where users will be available to copy content like texts and images in their Windows 10 desktop/laptop and paste them in their smartphones. This happens in vice versa too. This could be rolled out in the next Windows 10 update, and also in SwiftKey update.

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