Microsoft Will Let User Know When Their Camera is in Use

Valuing users’ privacy, Microsoft is bringing a new feature to Windows 10X that will let users know about the usage of the camera and microphone. As seen in the Windows 10X internal builds, a camera icon is set at the system tray and on the taskbar to let users know which apps are using the function and can terminate if they wanted to.

New Privacy Features in Windows 10X

As if the hype around Windows 10X isn’t enough, new reports tell that Microsoft is introducing a new privacy feature in it. This includes a new camera and microphone icons at the system tray and in the taskbar to let users know what apps are using these services.

This is helpful, or say needed, considering the malicious apps spying on us even without we grant them the permissions. Thus, hovering the mouse over the icons will tell you what apps are using the service, and be informed and assured if that’s normal.

For example, say you’re in a Microsoft Team meeting, which uses your camera and microphone to record you in the meeting. Checking the icon (hovering over it) should show you only the Teams since it’s using for a legitimate purpose. And any other app being detected that’s using these services should be malicious and acted upon.

This feature is seen in the internal builds of the Windows 10X, which could be probably be rolling out to everyone in the second half of this year through the Sun Valley update. Since it’s an important privacy update, this could be reaching general Windows 10 users too, in the same period as Windows 10X.

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