Microsoft to Soon Support ARM-Based x64 App Emulation in Windows

Microsoft confirmed that it’s getting closer to support x64 emulation for Windows-based on ARM. This would enable the vast majority of apps that have already moved onto 64-bit x86 to work on ARM-based Windows machines like Microsoft’s Surface Pro X. Further, the complete also said to have updated Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Teams, and Edge browser to work on x64 code.

Much Wanted Support for all x64 ARM-based apps

Microsoft has long been working to improve its Windows 10 OS with periodical updates. While these updates patch bugs and introduce new features, Windows users are missing a lot of fun for using an outdated hardware code. Though Microsoft shifted to ARM earlier, the ARM-based Windows 10 supports only the 33-bit and 64-bit ARM apps, along with 32-bit x86 apps.


But, they miss out 64-bit x86 ARM-based services like the recently moved Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Microsoft’s devices running on ARM-based Windows 10 lack this support, thus missing out on the latest Adobe’s suite which is meant for the same purpose of Surface Pro X – Productivity. Deciding to close the gap, Microsoft announced that it’s working on ARM-based x64 app emulation for Windows 10.

This is a rejoicing announcement since all applications will now work on ARM-based Windows OS. Microsoft said this support will be rolling to Windows Insiders initially in November, and to all in 2021. Further, it said to have updated the Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Teams to work on this architecture.

This update is even better for browser users, it announced the Edge will be improved to run faster and use less battery. This announcement comes when the company is gearing up to launch a new Surface X Pro, with Microsoft’s SQ2 processor based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 25G.

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