Microsoft to Pause Windows 10 Driver Updates For December 2020. Here’s Why?

Microsoft has announced to pause the Windows 10 drivers rollout for December 2020 if they don’t receive the verified drivers by respective OEMs before the specified date. This is because they work with a minimal workforce due to the holiday. Thus they don’t want to push untested drivers that may cause incompatibility issues later.

Pausing Windows 10 Driver Updates

Microsoft to Pause Windows 10 Driver Updates For December 2020. Here's Why?
Microsoft to Pause Windows 10 Driver Updates

Microsoft is seriously considering rolling only the compatible drivers to users, so they complain about any issues like that happened earlier. The company has earlier announced to stop manually searching for drivers and would find only the automatic drivers.

To put in rough, the driver system in Windows 10 or any other computer is set to make the hardware and software works go hand-in-hand. These driver softwares released by respective OEMs are essential for their hardware devices to work with the host device’s software. Thus, Microsoft for its Windows 10 users has made the Windows Update section.

The Windows Update section is a repository for system and other hardware drivers and the latest OS versions. Suppose Microsoft finds the relevant drivers for hardware when set-up, it would automatically install them for supporting the devices. Likewise, Microsoft issues new driver updates in its Windows Update every month.

It decided to pause these for December 2020 if the driver OEMs fail to submit their drivers before December 3rd, 2020. This is reasoned because the company would work with a minimal workforce due to holidays and wants the OEMs to submit their drivers early for verifying.

Microsoft has earlier announced to skip the preview updates for December 2020, citing the same reason. Now, only the drivers submitted before December will be verified and rolled out next month. Also, it mentioned that drivers with pending verification, too, will not be considered.

This doesn’t mean users should miss the driver updates, as they can visit the concerned OEMs website to manually download them, install and run using the Device Manager. While it’s easy to do from Windows Update, not every OEM will be like Intel, who pushed new driver updates in Windows 10 last week to boost system performance.

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