Microsoft to Kill This Underused Feature in Windows 10

Aero Shake, a feature from Windows 7 continuing till now is about to fade soon. Reports say that Microsoft is planning to deactivate the feature next year, through its upcoming Windows 10 versions. The tool is supposed to help users minimize all the opened windows to the taskbar at once. It’s scheduled demise is reasoned for being underused.

Aero Shake: Cool But Unwanted

Windows 10 Aero Shake Feature

It’s common that OEMs kill features that are old and underused eventually. This is done to save resources, which could be used for focusing on bettering other essential features. Microsoft too is following the same route and is killing a feature called Aero Shake in the upcoming Windows 10 version.

This is reported by Windows Latest, as Microsoft is killing Aero Shake because it’s an underused feature existing since Windows 7. Many users don’t even recognise the existence of this feature, thus invoking Microsoft to take this decision.

This feature, if interested to try, will let you minimize all the active windows to the taskbar at once by left-clicking on the program window and shaking the cursor back and forth. While this gesture-based support is reasonably helpful, it’s seen that many users try using the shortcut of Windows + M to minimize windows for the same.

Also, it should be noted that it doesn’t allow users to minimize individual windows. Thus, it’s seen as a not-so-important feature to be lived. While it doesn’t harm much, users with some jittery hands may make accidental moves to disturb their work in some cases.

Though users can disable this feature through Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor, it’s still a long way to learn. Thus, Microsoft is deactivating this feature for good in the upcoming builds of Windows 10.

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