Microsoft to Inform Users the Reasons For Their Feature Update Blocks

Since Microsoft blocks some users from updating to a new version because of incompatible drivers or software, the company is now making an updated Windows Update page to let users know what exactly the problem is and what should be done to resolve. This brings more transparency and the update experience better.

Misconfigurations and Incompatibilities

Microsoft has long been infested many of its Windows 10 feature updates with bugs, rather than bringing new features. While this is because of some internal bugs sometimes, it’s mostly because of the incompatibility issues, says Microsoft. Users running outdated software, drivers or hardware misconfigurations are being blocked.

While Microsoft could tell them what exactly the problem is, it didn’t. It used to mention such incompatible systems in the support documents or community forums often. But now, it’s set to change since Microsoft has decided to update the Windows Update page with the reasons for blocking users.

Windows 10 Update block
Windows 10 Update block

The page will provide users with more information when they see the upgrade block message. The company will often be blocking them by running automated tests, which checks the driver combinations and hardware configurations using AI. Thus, Microsoft will now realise the potential issues first pushing the update.

And after discovering the issues, it will then show the actionable information to the user, so it could be rectified to pass through the feature update. Making this happen will make the feature update experience better.

Via: Windows Latest

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