Microsoft To Do Can Now Be Integrated With Outlook for Windows

The Microsoft To Do app is great for keeping important lists close to improve productivity. It is well-integrated with Outlook for the Web, which means you can use it while using Outlook on the web.

However, the story with Outlook for Windows was slightly different until now, when Microsoft is finally integrating Microsoft To Do with Outlook for Windows.

Microsoft To Do Is Now Integrated with Outlook for Windows

With the Microsoft 365 Current Channel version 2207, Microsoft To Do is fully integrated into Outlook for Windows allowing users to do pretty much everything without accessing the Microsoft To Do app especially since only Outlook is enough for all the tasks.

You can now view flagged emails on To Do directly on Outlook without hassle. You can also check out through “My Day” and “Assigned to Me” lists from To Do on Outlook.

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There’s still a lot more ground to cover in this story such as the inclusion of Dark Mode, Task Syncing, and Integration with Microsoft Planner, among others. Microsoft To Do has dedicated shortcuts to Tasks, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and more via Outlook for Windows now, which will expedite tasks more than ever.

Microsoft To Do Integrated With Outlook for Windows

According to the Outlook team, the feature will be rolled out across the globe. It might still take some time to roll out to all users though since the update has just begun but you can be assured that it will arrive.

For the availability of Microsoft To-Do integration with Outlook for Windows, you should be running Microsoft 365 Current Channel Version 2201 (Build 14827.200000) or later where the update will be available by hitting the ‘Coming Soon’ toggle. For Current Channel Version 2207 (Build 15427.20000) or Later, the feature is already available subject to the interception of the update.

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