Microsoft Teams Working on a Single Tap to Leave Meetings on All Devices

Like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams lets you join video calls on multiple devices. You can do it when you want to connect with a secondary device simply by joining the in-app feature.

However, leaving a meeting with multiple devices becomes a hassle since you must manually end or leave the meeting on each device. Now, this creates unwanted steps, which is something people find frustrating.

Microsoft Working on One Click to Leave calls from multiple devices

According to Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft has identified that there’s friction that people feel when using Teams and leaving meetings when joined via multiple accounts. If only there was a way to end calls from all the connected accounts and that’s where this feature was spun into action.

Tagged as feature 97397, it was first spotted on the roadmap on August 19. The tech juggernaut is expected to roll out this feature across Microsoft Teams by the end of this month (i.e. August 2022), which gives us barely a week to spare.

When you join a meeting on Teams from multiple devices, let’s say your phone and laptop, instead of ending or leaving the meeting individually across these devices, a single tap on the Microsoft Teams app will simultaneously end calls on all the devices.

For context, Google lets you sign out of all the devices when you change the Google Account password, which means irrespective of how many devices are signed in on a respective account, a single tap will log you out across all the devices.

The feature will be available across the Teams app on the web, desktop, Android, and iOS soon. Given that the feature will be ready by the end of this month, it should arrive sometime next month, although it could be available for beta testing earlier, followed by release across all the units.

Microsoft hasn’t specified what the feature would look lik though. Although it mentioned it as “a single tap”, it is not necessarily talking about a single button but rather an option in the menu that is a possibility.

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