Microsoft is Adding Search Bar on Task Manager Finally

Tell me if I am wrong but the Task Manager is probably one of the most used applications on Windows OS and yet, the Redmond-based giant hasn’t updated it a lot over the years.

Seems like this isn’t something I am daydreaming about but Microsoft too caught the whiff of the users and decided to give Task Manager a much-needed update. As per the latest news, the Task Manager is getting its hands on Search Bar which will make it super easy to find processes to kill.

Task Manager on Windows 11 to get Search Bar

Just recently, Microsoft sent out the Windows 11 22H2 update pushing the new fluent design across the interface including the Task Manager.

Although Microsoft changed the look, the functionalities remained the same. Cut to now, Microsoft has added what I would assume is rather a colossal update to a rather excruciatingly slow-to-intercept updates Task Manager.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft has added a search bar on top of Task Manager allowing users to simply search for the processes and kill ’em. At present, the feature is hidden on the latest development versions of Windows 11.

Additionally, the feature works only if you put the accurate name or ID of the process you want to kill. However, Microsoft has assured that thy will be done and the feature will become smarter in coming iterations helping users to find processes as they type.

Currently, the only thing you can do on Task Manager to find an app or processor is to scroll or hit the first letter representing the processor/app you are looking for, repeatedly until it narrows down to the exact app.

Undoubtedly, this is an arduous process which is why people usually go through Processes Explorer to find and end processes they want to kill right away

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