Microsoft Revealed Windows 11 Servicing Model and an LTSC Version of It

Through updated documentation, Microsoft has confirmed the servicing model of Windows 11 OS today, saying it will be similar to Windows 10.

The new Windows OS will receive two feature updates a year, monthly security updates, cumulative updates, and out-of-the-band updates whenever required. Also, Microsoft confirmed working on an LTSC model of Window 11, which may release soon.

Windows 11 Servicing Model Explained

The release of Windows 11 has put out so many questions to the users, even for the regular and general ones. One among them is the servicing model that Microsoft follows for Windows 11, as it’s a major revamp from Windows 10.

Clearing all the doubts, the maker has defined in updated documentation that, Windows 11 will follow the same servicing model of Windows 10. This includes receiving two feature updates every year – that are optional, but recommend since new features are included.

Also, there will be monthly security updates that are mandatory and be downloaded automatically. Further, there are monthly cumulative updates released every Tuesday of the month. Apart from these are C and D updates released every month, which are optional.

All these are regular security and patch updates, recommend applying. And if the problem pertaining to Windows seemed serious, there will be out-of-band updates released to apply immediately. Apart from the updated servicing model, Microsoft has also been revealed to be working on an LTSC version of Windows 11.

The Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version of Windows is meant for enterprise devices, and they can skip feature and nonimportant updates. But, they still receive monthly security updates for patch issues.

And since it’s an enterprise edition, LTSC versions of Windows will have an extended period of support from Microsoft. During an AMA session, Microsoft clarified working on an LTSC version of Windows 11 and may launch soon.

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