Microsoft Released a Tool to Update Microsoft Defender in ISO Files

In order to protect the Windows systems during the early hours of being updated through Installation images, Microsoft has released a tool to update them with the latest Anti-Malware package for Microsoft Defender. Applying this ensures the OS installation images are free of attacks since the Windows Defender in them protects it.

Microsoft Releases Anti-Malware Update Package

Microsoft Released a Tool to Update Microsoft Defender in ISO Files

Outdated ISO files or the OS installation images of Windows leave the systems vulnerable to cyberattacks since they don’t get any security updates until the users install them as full-fledged OS. Thus, to bridge this protection gap, Microsoft has released a tool called Anti-Malware Update Package for Microsoft Defender in the OS installation images.

The tool will add the latest anti-malware engine, anti-malware client, and signature versions in the installation images, thereby safeguarding them for any potential cyberattacks. This tool is helpful for system admins to update the systems with installation images in a network.

This tool is released for Windows 10 Home, Professional, Enterprise, Windows Server 2019, and Server 2016 editions. This tool, also known as DefenderUpdateWinImage PowerShell pushes monthly updates from Microsoft to the anti-malware platform and engine that’s used by Microsoft Defender.

Available for both VHD and WIM type of files, this tool simply updates the anti-malware software binaries to boost systems immunity in the initial stages, after being installed their OS from the outdated ISO image files. This package is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit ISO images and needs users to install manually after downloading.

With a size of 110MB, Microsoft says there’s no known issue in this update and requires the users to run their OS environment with PowerShell 5.1 or later versions. Get the package here and steps on how to install it.

Via: MSPoweruser

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