Microsoft Outlook for Android Gets Ignore Conversation Feature

Microsoft has pushed one of the important features in its Outlook – Ignore Conversation to its Android client in its latest update. This feature will let users select a conversation that’s annoying them with frequent replies from multiple people, to send it into the trash box automatically. This feature is available for desktop Outlook for a long, and have rolled out to iOS client earlier this year.

Ignore Conversation Rolls to Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android

Long email threads are annoying. While it’s more limited in personal conversations, corporate mandate employees to use email for communication, making it more of a hassle. This becomes worse if your colleagues are amused of replying to threads often, even to unimportant things.

Thus, to keep them away and have some peace of mind, Microsoft has something for you. You should be glad if you’re using Outlook as your email client, as features something called “Ignore Conversation“. This helps users to select a conversation (email thread having the same subject line) to not just mute it, but to move it completely to the Deleted Items folder.

While this is available for Outlook desktop clients initially, it has rolled out to iOS clients earlier this year, and to Android now. Outlook for Android has the Ignore Conversation feature, which can be activated by selecting a conversation and tapping on the Ignore Conversation option. Since this will be moved to Deleted Items, you can recover the thread from there.

This has come to Android version 4.2041.3, where Microsoft wrote “Sick of that company-wide email that everyone is still replying all to? So are we. Stay focused on what”s important by getting it and all future replies out of your inbox and straight into deleted items with our new Ignore Conversation feature” in the What’s New section.

Try the app here: Outlook for Android

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