Microsoft Office and Teams Get Voice Commands Support

In a blog post written yesterday, Microsoft has announced to add several features to its Teams and Office mobile apps. These additions include video editing features, voice commands, and enhanced PDF annotations. The company has renamed the Office Lens to Microsoft Lens, and added support for OCR reading and creating short videos.

Microsoft Office Apps Getting New Features

Microsoft announced to several features to its Teams and Office mobile apps like video editing, voice commands, and enhanced PDF annotations.

As promised in the 2019 Build Conference, Microsoft is bringing its Conversational AI technology with Cortana to its important platforms – Office, and Teams soon. The company has announced this yesterday, as this support will be rolling out initially to the iOS Outlook clients for email, search and calendar.

Users will be able to manage their events, time, and meetings in Outlook, and even add participants by sending them an invitation mail through voice commands. Capabilities of such were announced earlier and now began to roll out finally. Also, the company has renamed the Office Lens to Microsoft Lens.

This isn’t just a name shift, but upgrades made to the service too. The Microsoft Lens will now be able to recognize English handwritten text and let users transcribe it into word documents. Besides this OCR functionality, the biggest addition to the Lens is about making short videos!

This isn’t like TikTok, but recording short video bites and lets users edit them with basic options like emojis and text. This will be integrated into the Teams app, thus able to share them in the chats. Microsoft Search in Teams app has gained support for natural language queries in the US, letting users search for links, messages, meetings, people, and files with words or by voice commands.

Alongside, it has improved the PDF annotation in mobile Office clients, where users can add notes, dates, timestamps, and shapes to the PDFs now. All these will be rolling out to iOS clients soon, and becoming to Android later.

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