Microsoft is Redesigning Outlook App For Windows 10 and Windows 11

Just like it’s working on the OneNote app, Microsoft is unifying Outlook for Windows too.

Named as Project Monarch internally, the new Outlook will appear and replace the current clients next year. It includes new animations, WinUI controls, and rounded corners. Revamping it is part of Microsoft’s One Outlook vision.

New Look For Outlook on Windows

Microsoft is Redesigning Outlook App For Windows 10 and Windows 11

Microsoft’s native email client – Outlook has got a fair user base. It’s been used by corporates a lot but didn’t see design changes for quite a time. And this is going to change now.

As per reports, Microsoft is working to unify the Outlook client on desktop and Windows versions. Under the name of Project Monarch, Microsoft is developing a new Outlook for Windows 10/11, macOS, and web, and will eventually replace the current mail and email clients.

The company has earlier revealed working on unifying the OneNote desktop and Windows clients. Now, it’s the turn for Outlook. Under Microsoft’s One Outlook vision, it’s expected to get rounded corners, a new Loading animation like its web app counterpart, and new WinUI controls.

The visual changes could be more like what Microsoft has shown earlier this year, in the launch of the Windows 11 event. A sneak peeks into the revealed the slight Fluent Design UI for all apps in Office 365 suite.

We’ve already seen the new Outlook app coming with a tag of Beta in a few preview builds of Windows 10, which needs some more polishing before rollout.

The new redesigned Outlook for the desktop will come to Windows 10 and 11 users next year, but we may see the preview testing builds rolling late this year, probably before Windows 11 official rollout.

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