Microsoft Edge v91 Update Has Bugs Displaying Blank Pages

The latest update to Microsoft’s Edge browser has few bugs, which are breaking the user experience. These include opening a blank tab instead of a specific page on startup and opening a blank page if redirected from a link outside the Edge browser. While there are workarounds for these, users also report about the increase in the recommended settings prompts with the v91 update.

Microsoft Edge v91 With Bugs

Microsoft Edge v91 Update Has Bugs Displaying Blank Pages

Though Edge browser is making good progress in capturing the desktop browser market, Microsoft is pushing even more for it. As seen in the latest v91 update to Edge browser, there’s a significant increase in the number of prompts making by Microsoft to set Bing as the default search engine. Also, it pushes to set the recommended browser settings like making Edge as default.

Apart from this, users have encountered issues in the startup tab feature, where they’re being displayed a blank tab when the browser is opened. The Edge browser, like Google’s Chrome, lets users set a preference whenever the browser is opened. This includes opening a new tab or continuing where you left off or opening a specific page on the startup.

Though users set the preference to opening a specific page on the startup, they’re being shown a blank tab. Also, a similar bug is causing issues while opening a link (URL) from an external source. For example, a user opening a URL from Internet Explorer in the new Chromium-based Edge browser is having a blank webpage displayed.

While the cause isn’t known yet, it seemed like setting the “Manage search engines” in Group Policy to “Enabled” is causing the issue, as reverting it back to
Not Configured” or “Disabled“, made the functionality normal. These bugs were never reported in v90 of Edge browser, and rolling back to it is impossible. Thus, we wait for Microsoft to pass fixes for these.

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