Microsoft Makes Edge Browser Available in Windows 11 Microsoft Store

As promised in the event, Microsoft is bringing all desktop apps to the revamped Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

This started with the launch of the new Edge browser in Microsoft Store, which can be installed and updated with a single click. Also, the web extensions, Paint, and Notepad too are made available in the Store.

Edge Browser in Microsoft Store

Users of Windows have long been asking for quick updates and more flexibility in using the apps on the platform for decades. And their requests are heard, as Microsoft decided to make desktop apps independent from the OS.

This change will be applicable from Windows 11 onwards, as spoken by Microsoft at its launch event last month. The company broke the barriers of Microsoft Store and made it flexible for all.

This includes a completely revamped design of the store and relaxing rules for app developers. One among them includes publishing unpacked Win32 apps, which allows anyone to push their apps through Microsoft Store easily.

Microsoft Edge in Store

In this case, Microsoft itself tried by publishing the Chromium-based Edge browser in the new Microsoft Store, as seen by WindowsLatest, who tried downloading the app with one click. Since the app is now independent, users can update it to the new version with a tap too.

But, it’s seen the Store downloads only the installer of Edge browser and needs few more clicks after that to get all bits of the software. Also, Microsoft is publishing the web extensions for Edge on the Store too, which lets users search and add them to the browser easily.

This paves the path for other Chromium-based browsers too, like Brave, Vivaldi, etc. While the extensions are made available in Microsoft Store, the regular browser-based extension store remains as usual too.

Apart from this, Microsoft has also brought the Paint and Notepad apps to Store, making them independent. This lets users update the apps whenever possible without needing to wait for the whole OS update.

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