Microsoft Driver Verification Failures Troubles Windows 10 Users

Microsoft has modified its Driver System in latest Windows 10 October update. This now includes verifying the driver vendor, before letting the user install it. While this practice is good since using outdated drivers may become a source of any exploits, it’s causing enough troubles to users when Microsoft fails to verify the vendor.

New Driver System Verifies the Vendor

While Microsoft is fairly caring about features in Windows 10 every now and then, it’s strictly maintaining standards to make sure anything installed on its OS is genuine. Under this, it has released a new Driver System in the October Tuesday patch, where it verifies the driver vendor before allowing it for installation.

This is to ensure the executable is genuine and doesn’t come from any malicious actor, which could’ve used to trigger any Windows vulnerability for exploitations. While Microsoft had a genuine reason, it’s still accused by users for its verification errors sometimes. As reported by Techradar, many users who’ve updated their systems to the October patch are facing issues with the drivers.

These include displaying errors messages like “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software” or the “No signature was present in the subject“. These are understandable since they appear if the driver’s data file is improperly fed, and unreadable by the Windows 10. Failure to verify will result in the failure of driver installation, eventually.

Further, what Microsoft suggested for rectifying this is reasonable, but disturbing. In a support document, it asked users who’re facing these issues to contact the respective driver’s developer or the OEM for an updated driver file! This is a real headache to the users, since approaching the OEM with an odd request is intriguing.

While Microsoft is trying to improve its driver verification system better, users try sticking to the old drivers if they’re unable to install the new one because of failed verification by Windows 10. If not, they should be lucky enough to get a response from the driver OEM with an updated driver.


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