March 29, 2023

Microsoft Announced Support to Run x64 Apps on ARM-based Windows Systems

With the release of Windows 10 preview build v21277, Microsoft started supporting to run the x64 apps on ARM-based Windows machines. This means the apps based on x64 architecture will now be able to run on devices like Surface Pro X laptops. This has been awaiting for so long and was initially announced back in September.

Windows 10 to Support x64 Based Apps

Microsoft Announced Support to Run x64 Apps on ARM-based Windows Systems

Users of Microsoft have long been awaiting this support, so they can run compatible apps on their Windows machines just as they do on their phones. After announcing in September this year, Microsoft has now started testing the x64 based apps on ARM-based Windows machines.

This includes systems like Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, which comes with Window 10 preloaded and has the Snapdragon 8cx chip that’s made on ARM architecture. This support is now available to be tested by Windows Insiders, who can upgrade to the latest Window 10 preview build of v21277 to try this.

Microsoft has warned about inconsistencies since it’s still in the beta phase and has a long way to go. Yet, it’s good that’s it’s finally being bought. On the other hand, its arch-rival – Apple has recently announced its in-house chip Apple M1, which is made on ARM architecture to support this type of compatibility.

Thus, it makes sense that Microsoft too should try this to make its users stick back. It said that a lot of apps x64-only based apps like the Rocket League (game) or Autodesk Sketchbook (productivity) will be able to run on Windows 10 now. Also, Microsoft has reminded developers to make sure their apps be recompiled on ARM64, to be able to work on this new support.

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