Microsoft Announced Pluton Chip For Better Security in Windows PCs

After embedding its native security chip – Pluton for Xbox and Microsoft Azure Sphere, Microsoft is now gearing up to make one for all its Windows PCs. For this, it has partnered with Qualcomm, Intel and AMD to integrate its Pluton chip directly into the CPUs, instead of relying on Trusted Platform Module as earlier, which would allow hackers to steal credentials.

Bettering the Security of Windows PCs

Microsoft Announced Pluton Chip For Better Security in Windows PCs
Being the largest community, hackers always have their eye on popular vulnerabilities in Window PCs. And to safeguard users from them, Microsoft has announced to make its Pluton security chip for its Window PCs soon. This chip has already been in Xbox consoles and Microsoft’s Azure Sphere.

Till date, Microsoft and other OS makers used Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to store sensitive information in the users’ PCs. This is located separately in the system, and stores data like passwords and other authentication credentials. It’s made to communicate with the CPU through a bus channel, that can leak if the communication is being tampered in the transit.

There are several reports in past detecting the hacks on this TPM to steal data, especially when the hacker is able to get his hands on the target system physically. Thus, to avoid this happening, Microsoft is now trying to bring its reliable security chip – Pluton to its Windows machines after successfully deploying them in Azure Sphere and Xbox.

For this to happen, it has partnered with popular chip makers like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm to include its Pluton security chip in the CPU itself, that making it more secure by isolating from the system. Further, it uses Secure Hardware Cryptography Key (SHACK) technology to keep the sensitive data safe in case of an attack.

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