How To Reset Computer Configuration Settings in Windows 10

Windows users are indeed given more flexibility than Mac users, just like Android users have an advantage over iOS guys. This is because Microsoft will let users customize almost every bit of their software if they’re aware of it. Limiting general users at basic Settings level, power users can dig into Windows Local Group Policy Editor to customize almost everything.

While this directory gives you the power to tune things as you desired, they may sometimes go out of control. And tuning them back to default settings sorts everything. Thus, if you’ve made any disturbing changes to your system through Local Group Policy Editor, here’s how to reset them back to default;

How to Reset Computer Settings to Default?

1.) Go to Start Menu and type “gpedit.msc” to find the Local Group Policy Editor.

2.) Upon finding the Local Group Policy Editor in search results, click on it to open.

3.) Now, click on the Computer Configuration option at the left panel.

4.) This opens the right-side panel, where you can see Administrative Templates—double-click on it to check All Settings.

5.) Here you’ll find all the settings available for configuration in your system. Clicking on the State section at the top will list out all the settings in their Enabled/Disabled status.

6.) Now, double-click on the policies that need to be changed and check the box of “Not configured,” thus reverting it to original status.

7.) Clicking OK will roll-up those settings to initial settings.

Note: Make sure you’re checking the right settings to reset. You can reset individual settings to revert them, or should go through all the settings in the same procedure to reset them all. Unfortunately, there is no bulk editing option available here.

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