10 Best Hardware Diagnostic Tools for Windows 10 to Use in 2021

Windows 10 is the most popular Operating System with a lot of useful features. However, it does have a few drawbacks like you might have seen your system slows down, shows up a blue screen, or suddenly stops working. These issues occur because there is a fault in the hardware of your system. And these faults can harm your PC if it is not solved on time.

Every time, you don’t need to call up a computer repair service, without them also you can diagnose the problems. If you are unable to solve it then you can call them. So, if you want to diagnose the issues, then you can use the hardware diagnostic tools for Windows 10.

The hardware diagnostic helps to find problems with the PC’s hardware systems. It shows the status of hardware resources, processes, system response times, with other info and configuration data.

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List of 10 Best Hardware Diagnostic Tools for Windows 10

Instead of hiring an expert, try to solve the issue by using these hardware diagnostics tools on your Windows PC.

1. CrystalDiskInfo


CrystalDiskInfo is a windows diagnostic tool that helps you to check the hardware performance of your system. This tool offers a complete analysis of the state of your data drives like USB drives, SSDs, and HDDs. You will see overall health status and all other details about error rates, spin-time, uptime, and temperature.

Price: Free

2. Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Using this performance testing tool is a good idea to check your PC health. Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool helps you to fix all the issues that are caused by faulty processors. It offers different stress tests on the processor, also tests specific processor features, and verifies the processors operating power. After that, it shows the results, and if any of the test results do not meet the standards of efficiency, the failed tests will be displayed. To get this tool, you need to have a 32 or 64-bit version.

Price: Free

3. System Explorer

System Explorer is a free software for windows that allows you to manage your computer parts. This tool helps you to keep your system under control. With this tool, you can also get fast access to a File Database that lets you fix unwanted processes or threats. It has an attractive and responsive interface with tabs on the primary window.

By using this hardware diagnostic tool you will get all the in-depth info related to processes, drives, Windows, services, and more. You can also see details related to computers and battery levels.

Price: Free

4. Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes have powerful protection and clean-up with “set and forget” ease of use. It is a popular security tool that cleans up your system from Malware and lets you speed up your browsing time. All the contaminated and virus files are removed from your system. This tool uses the latest technology to kill the harmful elements that are a threat to your system. It easily blocks hackers, malware and cleans the system. Hackers will not be able to make their way to you, as it blocks all the routes and methods by which they enter to your system.

Price: Free download available; Premium version $39.99/Yr.

5. AdwCleaner


It is the most popular adware cleaner that finds and removes all the unwanted programs and junkware from your system. The app is free to use and it detects and eliminates all the unnecessary adware that slow down your PC. It targes and cleans up all the harmful browser toolbars sneaking in. Every day it detects or blocks more than a million threats by Malwarebytes. It scans your computer within no time and cleans your computer in less time.

Price: Free to download, Premium starts from $3.33.

6. ESET SysInspector

Use this tool and inspect your PC to fix all the problems straight away. It is a third-party diagnostic tool that helps you to repair all the issues. ESET SysInspector monitors all the harmful codes and tracks any issue with the open processes. It detects and fixes any file that is doubtful. The tool easily analyses the OS if it’s patched or not.

Price: Free

7. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi analyzer is a diagnostic tool that solves the issues related to your wifi connection. It looks up for the Wifi router by transforming your PC, laptop, or phone into a Wifi explorer. You will see all the details regarding your Wifi router and it also analyzes the link-frequency and performance of the router.

Price: Free

8. Windows Sysinternal Suite

Windows Sysinternal Suite has separate tools for each issue with the guides. You can detect and fix any issue with this tool. It has many different tools that lets you fix issues that are related to security and network concerns, managing files and disk, etc. You can track the currently running processes and create memory-related details.

Price: Free

9. Process Explorer

Whenever you feel your system is getting slow, then the first thing you do is check the Process tab in Task Manager. Here, it shows which app is running in the background and which is currently running. And it also shows these apps are taking up the CPU time or not. You will be able to see only primary processes.

The Process Explorer tool lets you check if there is an issue with CPU consumption or is there any memory loss. All the details are reported in the chart for CPU, GPU, and memory usage.

Price: Free

10. JScreenFix


If you see some spots on your screen, then it might have some stuck pixels that are annoying. If the stuck pixels are not the defects on the screen, then you can use this tool to fix the issue.


It is important to keep your PC health at the top, no matter you are a regular PC user or not. These are some of the best hardware diagnostic tools that will help you to solve the hardware issue of the Windows PC.

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