Google Chromium App Development Will No Longer Support Windows 7

Realizing the wastages of resources spent on outdated platforms, Google has finally warned developers to stop making Chromium-based apps on Windows 7. The company has warned users in a commit and mentioned that any developer fixes would be accepted, but anyone hasn’t contributed yet.

Windows 7 Stops Supporting Chromium Development

Google Chromium App Development Will No Longer Support Windows 7

Microsoft has announced to discontinue the support for Windows 7 earlier this year. Since then, the maker is only passing out the Extended Security Updates to enterprise and nothing for home consumers.

While this moved a lot to upgrade to Windows 10, many are still outdated Windows 7. This includes not just individuals but also the developers of various apps and services. This happens with Chromium development too. But now, these developers can no longer do that since Google said so.

The guardian of Chromium, Google, has warned developers to stop developing Chromium-based apps on Windows 7. In a commit, Google said that Chromium would no longer support Windows 7 since it’s an unsupported OS. Developers who’re trying to do so will be displayed an error message telling the same.

Well, it should be noted that this applies only to developers, as Chromium and its associated apps will continue working on Windows 7. It said, “Chromium and its derivatives still run on Windows 7. This only affects developers.”

Also, it said any community fixes contributed by developers would be accepted, but there aren’t any yet. Developers should either use Process Explorer to detect Chromium problems on Windows 7 or upgrade to Windows 10.

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