How to Customize Your Windows 10 PC with These Free Tools

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a highly customizable platform for its users since it’s the only way to gain new and stick the old ones back. While it’s touted as Android in system OS due to its flexibility, it’s all up to the user who should be deciding what he needs to do with it. And if you’re aiming for making its flexibility work for you, here’s how you can do it;

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List of Best Tools to Customize Your Windows 10 PC

1.) Rain Meter

Rain MeterIt’s essentially an information widget that groups up all the important data you should be having a look at, in one shot. Activating the default widget of Rain Meter makes your PC work like an app, rather than a starting place to access various things like browser, Start Menu, Toolbar, etc.

You can check for time, date, CPU and RAM usage, network metrics, disk usage, and even make a quick inquiry in the Google search. Users can download and set up different skins of this tool to have the desired look.

Get it here: Rain Meter

2.) Lively Wallpaper

Lively WallpaperIt’s just like the live wallpaper in your Android smartphone, which will let you make a wallpaper out of input and set it in the background. Based on interactive WebGL technology, it will let users make wallpapers from Video, Webpages, Video Streams, Shaders, or GIFs. Powered by a Chromium engine, these live wallpapers will stop playing while a full-screen application is opened, to reduce the power consumption.

Get it here: Lively Wallpaper

3.) Microsoft Edge Widgets

Microsoft Edge WidgetsThe Edge browser from Microsoft has a lot of tools to play with, as it works just as the social widget one needs. You can check the latest headlines from sports, finance, politics, and also get the weather forecast in your area. Powered by Chromium Edge’s WebView, Microsoft is currently A/B testing the web widgets of this tool, and users should be able to see in the Edge’s Menu in its Canary build.

Get it here: Edge Canary

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