10 Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows PC

Karaoke software provides you lyrics of the song on a separate screen, and you can sing a song with the backgrounds music. This means it will transform songs without lyrics. Only music is there.

Karaoke was launched in 1970. It became common in pubs and bars in the form of entertainment. However, then it slowly became popular and is now also available for Windows and Mac PCs.

If you are someone whose passion is to sing, then Karaoke is the perfect software for you. So, if you are looking for the best and free Karaoke software for your Windows PC, here is the list that will help you perform better.

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List of Best Karaoke Software for Windows PC

The list contains some of the popular and free Karaoke software for Windows PC.

1. Kanto Karaoke


Kanto Karaoke allows you to play every media file, including MP3, KAR, or any other. With this tool, you will get the super experience of Karaoke, and it also enables you to record audio and listen to it later. The software has amazing features like allowing to change the song’s pitch, adding the fading effect, and more. Clapping and jeering effects are also available.

Price: Free Version, $45

2. PC DJ Karaoki


It is a simple and powerful karaoke software that sets new standards for hosting karaoke. You can easily manage and improve your karaoke shows. The PC DJ software supports many file formats like MP3+G, WAV+G, MP3+G/WAV+G, Cloud Pro, and many other media files.

There are plenty of useful features like adding karaoke songs, editing the play options, and more. In addition, there is a history of all songs played, color display, color choice configuration, lock screen, drag, and drop features.

Price: Free Version, $99.

3. KaraFun Player


Kara Fun Player is one of the most popular free software that is easy to use. It has a huge collection of songs, around 280,000 songs. The app has amazing features like list creation, dual display screen, song history, customized keys, and more. It supports many formats like CD+G, MPEG, MIDI, KAR, and more.

Price: Free Version, $9.99

4. Siglos Karaoke Professional


It is a professional karaoke system designed for Windows. Siglos software offers a wide range of features like PC scan for songs, create own playlists, change the tempo, and more. Moreover, different formats are also supported, like MIDI, MP3G, BIN, and other video formats.

Price: Free Trial, $100

5. Just Karaoke 2.0


This software is available for both Windows and Mac PC and is a very easy-to-use program. With this tool, you can create a list of your favorite songs, look song’s history, and offers more than 6000 songs. In addition, there is a search option that provides a lot of sound effects. It has a dual-screen display feature, singer announcements, song manager, and more.

Price: Free Trial, $49.95

6. CDG plug-in

CDG plug-in is only available for Windows users and is a Winamp plug-in. It allows you to play songs from your PC in karaoke format. Winamp is a well-known music player and using it. So you will enjoy karaoke without installing any other software. The best thing is, it is absolutely free. It might be an older version, but it is great to use.

Price: Free

7. Aria


Aria software is available for Windows as well as Mac. It offers you a great karaoke experience. It provides you great features like adjusting the song’s pitch, uses an in-built Karaoke Locker song store, supports files like MP3+g, WAV+g, or .zip file format. You can also create a playlist and play your favorite songs at any given time.

Price: Free for Windows, Free Trial for Mac, upgraded $29.95.

8. OkeOke


It is open-source software that is available for free. The software’s primary features are song lookup, storage of data in local drive, remote control access for selecting songs, keyword search, and other supported file formats. In addition, OkeOke allows you to save songs on your external hard disk and record your own songs. The best thing is, you can share them on social media platforms.

Price: Free

9. Karaoke Player


Karaoke Player is a powerful software for Windows PC. However, the user interface is not friendly, but anyone can use it without any hassle. The design is very simple and plain, but you will get a lot of fun with music once you sing in. With just a few keys, it lets you control the karaoke.

Price: Free

10. Karaoke 5


Karaoke 5 is the perfect software for both advanced and beginner users. It offers features like support for most audio and video formats, dual-screen display, mix control, option to broadcast for live shows and performances, and more.

Price: Free Version, $33


No matter you are using Windows PC or Mac, you have so many options available. Here we have provided a list of Karaoke software for Windows PC. So, download the software from the above list and start singing.

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