10 Best IPTV Players For Windows 10 PC in 2021

IPTV is a system in which you can watch live channels and at the same time browse or run different applications as well. It’s an internet-based system that runs with high-speed internet. You can watch your favorite channels, Netflix, or movies on a big television screen. Inbuilt Wifi feature lets the device connect to your home network or mobile hotspot.

It works on fiber and uses IPTV; you need to buy monthly or yearly data plans. It totally depends on your internet. No set-top box is required to run this; you can use it anytime on your Android TV or firestick. Also, there is no need to pay multiple bills; you need to. Pay a single bill for this. So basically, IPTV is a bundle of entertainment.

List of 10 Best IPTV Players For Windows 10 PC

1. Kodi


It is a free entertainment application with amazing features like TV shows, Radio, Music, and many more. You can also access Pictures, videos, and weather reports, making it a super useful app. It’s just like a small TV box that you can carry anywhere with you.

The GUI and application architecture is so simple and easy to use. Kodi is an excellent open-source program that can be functional on different devices such as Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, etc. Kodi brings your media to life with endless advanced features.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

One of the Oldest, fast, and easy media player available online. It plays everything with good picture quality and runs on any platform such as Android, IOS, Linux, Unix, etc. This application is completely free of cost with no ads. It has different downloads, movies, and music, which makes it a very organizable media application.

While watching a video, you get options like playback speed, play as audio, repeat mode, and many more, making this app easy to use because of the customizations.

3. Progdvb/ Prog TV

Progdvb/ Prog TV

Looking for a freemium app with no ads? Then you can use this prog tv application. It has a perfect player and has an adaptive guide that allows you to move the channels up and down easily. You can enjoy the Functions like a record, time shift, schedule record, themes, etc. With a Simple UI & superior image quality, you can enhance your entertainment level with this great IPTV application.

4. Plex


Watch 14000 plus movies and shows, 80 + live channels in totally free cost. You do not need any subscription to use this application. So basically, you can create your own collection of movies, shows as well as your Preferrable podcasts.

UI is well maintained that you can easily find or search content according to your liking. Option for subtitles is also available, which makes this app impressive to use. It supports multi-platform functionality, which helps you to enhance your entertainment even on the go.



Basically, a video player in which you can watch videos in any format. It is an easy, modern, and powerful application with useful features. It is most suitable for PC as you can watch TV shows on that.

Once you give access to the channels, it will start working and playing channels according to you. It gives u the option to record content and screenshot it, making it very interesting to use.

6. IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters

This application is quite similar to the others. It is full of unlimited movies, live shows, streaming, and entertainment. Everything is available in HD quality; you need to have a good internet connection. They have different packages so you can choose according to your need.

With multi-platform functionality, use it on any device u like. You can use this application free of cost. However, few items are paid for, so you can check and choose accordingly.

7. OTT Player

OTT Player

Manage all your IPTV content in one application with proper sorting. OTT player allows you to manage your IPTV content in a playlist. With multi-platform functionality, you can enhance your entertainment on a big screen & watch all your favorite content in a cozy way.

Convert your Home into a theater with High-speed internet. Playlist management allows you to sort your favorite genre straightforwardly.

8. My IPTV Player

My IPTV Player

It’s an excellent player similar to the other IPTV applications with live channels, shows, and streaming. You will get services to select your plan and make a list of your favorite channels. It comes with EPG to play any IPTV Channels.

You can reset your favorites, and it has a VOD download center too, so overall it’s a great app to use. It’s not better than Kodi, but it’s back up of Kodi, but it’s certainly better than a Pop player, VLC & few others that don’t have guides.

9. Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect Player IPTV

One of the most popular IPTV players currently. It comes with a neat & clean, user-friendly interface. The best feature about this player is you can manage multiple IPTV on the same screen. With Multiple Platforms accessibility, you can use this player on Android, iOS, Windows & Linux.

Get all the marvelous features on this player & enhance your entertainment level with its advanced features & easy user interface.

10. Free TV Player

Free TV Player

Use this powerful app to enjoy your favorite TV channels, series, movies, and ask for videos on demand (VOD). You can even listen to Internet Radio from around the world right onto your PC, tablet, Xbox device, or smartphone. This free IPTV player is available for Xbox One, HoloLens, Hub, mobiles devices, and PC. You can use the Free TV Player to play your own M3U playlist easily.

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