5 Best Free IDE for C++ on Windows 11 / 10 PC (2021)

C++ is one of the most advanced levels of programming that’s been in use since its beginning. It’s used to develop a variety of applications and systems around the globe. C++ is a distinct language that is the basis of many major programming languages like Java, C#, Python and so on. Additionally, these languages are used extensively by professionals in the development of hardware.

If you’re looking to master C++, you must be aware that an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the ideal location to help programming run effortlessly. This is because IDEs are integrated with functions such as debugging and code completion, compiling and many more.

IDEs are utilized to provide different components of software programs while the program is in development. The most appealing aspect of the software is its beautiful interface. Let’s look at some of the most effective IDEs that run C++ on Windows chosen by us.

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List of Best Free IDE for C++ on Windows 11 / 10 PC in 2021

This is a list of hand-picked selections of the top C++ IDE, including their most popular features and websites hyperlinks. This list contains as well open-source(free) as well as commercial(paid) applications.

1.) Visual Studio

Visual StudioIt’s a full-featured IDE that runs on all major platforms, including Windows web, cloud and Android. Visual Studio IDE lets you write code accurately and efficiently without losing existing files’ conditions. It is easy to zoom in on the details like the structure of calls, their associated functions, sign-ins and the status of tests. Additionally, you can benefit from the services that assist you in modifying, analyze and correcting code-related issues.

Visual Studio walks you through live support while you write, regardless of the language you use (C#/VB, C++, JavaScript, Python, and many more). It’s also interesting that IntelliSense will predict the APIs you write while you write and automatically completes them to improve the speed and efficiency. Furthermore, it lets you effortlessly navigate the vast code base without losing the context of your code.

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2.) C++Builder

C++BuilderC++Builder is the complete C++ IDE for creating Windows applications five times faster than other IDEs. It’s due to its rich visual frameworks and extensive libraries. Designing, developing, and shipping are all easy using C++Builder.

This can save you the time and effort you’d otherwise spend learning various programming languages for each platform. C++Builder Rio (10.3) assists developers in creating beautiful and highly efficient apps designed for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android using the same base code.

It offers significant enhancements for C++ developers, including C++17 Win32 and enhanced code completion testing for optimized builds and brand new libraries.

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3.) CodeLite

CodeLiteCodeLite is a no-cost open-source IDE specializing in C, C++, PHP, and JavaScript programming languages. It’s an IDE for cross-platforms that’s most commonly used by backend developers that use Node.js and runs on every central platform, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

It also lets you reverse or undo the actions and perform the basic edit actions like shifting, removing lines, converting them, or changing them to a full-screen mode and hiding or opening the whitespace and functions for the search function replace words.

You can also make bookmarks, run rapid debugging actions and set the editor’s settings by allowing the program to show lines numbers. Additionally, you can use the auto-complete feature built into the program.

In addition, the program can also reduce the empty lines while saving documents. It is also possible to customize the bookmarks, assign hotkeys, choose backgrounds, fonts and colors and more.

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4.) Vim

VimThis light IDE can be a highly customizable text editor that effectively creates and alters any type of text. For the vast majority of Unix platforms and Apple OS X, it’s listed as “vi.” Vim is very robust and is continuously being created to offer a more enjoyable user experience. It’s a consistent IDE with an undo multi-level tree.

Vim provides a comprehensive plugin system that provides support for a variety of software languages as well as file formats. It also provides a highly efficient search feature and swapping capabilities. Additionally, it is integrated with various tools and provides support for all languages, which encourages speedy programming.

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5.) Eclipse

EclipseEclipse is among the top IDE’s available to use with C as well as C++ that’s based on the Eclipse platform. In addition, it supports projects and an administered framework that supports different toolchains, such as the traditional make framework and source navigation, among others.

It also supports various tools for source knowledge, such as macro definition browsers, grading fold and hyperlink navigation, and visual debugging tools—syntax highlighter in the code editor and much more.

It’s free and open-source software that runs on major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. In addition, it offers a fantastic user interface that allows you to organize the elements using drag and drop.

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