10 Best FPS Counter Software for Windows 11 (2022)

Whenever you are playing any game, FPS (Frames Per Second) matters the most. So if you are a gamer, then you will know the importance of FPS.

Normally, having 60 FPS is good, but many people build hard-core gaming PCs to get 100 or more FPS.

Usually, hardware matters the most to get the better quality as well as FPS. But how will you know how much FPS you are getting during the game?

If you want to know the exact FPS count, you will need to use FPS counter software. Well, there is so much FPS counter software available to choose from.

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List of Best FPS Counter Software for Windows 11 in 2022

Here is the list of the best FPS Counter software for Windows 11.

1. Fraps


Fraps is a popular software and is compatible with all the Windows versions; it also supports games using DirectX. This tool displays the FPS; you can select from any four corners of the screen to view the FPS. It measures the frame rates between the two intervals of time. Also, it saves the statistics on your PC to view later.

Price: $37

2. GeForce Experience

GeForce-Experience 2

Using a laptop or desktop with a GeForce graphics card, you can optimize your games with this software. Using GeForce Experience, you can optimize games graphics, record gaming videos, update GeForce drivers, and add extra filters to games.

Enable FPS display from program settings and go to Shadowplay References. Then you can click on the FPS counter button and select the position where you want to display it.

Price: Free

3. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder

By seeing the name, you can guess it is a Screen Recording Software for Windows PC. Bandicam Screen Recorder software has a dedicated Game Recorder that shows the FPS at the corner of the screen while you play games on PC.

It has two modes, one to record games and the second one to show the FPS. Look at the color of the FPS count; the green one means it’s not recording, and the Red means it is recording the gameplay.

Price: Free Trial, $39.95

4. Dxtory

DxtoryDxtory software takes a screenshot of the game and can record the gameplay, just like other tools. In addition, it is similar to Fraps, as it lets you customize the color and location of the FPS counter. The only difference between Dxtory and Fraps is that this tool works with the Universal Windows Platform games, and Fraps doesn’t.

Price: Free Trial, $34

5. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortext is free-to-use software that helps you to optimize and launch games. All the background software that is not used will be closed automatically to free up the RAM. To boost game frame rates, it provides optimization tools.

With this software, you can get instant frame rate feedback. One of the best things about this tool is, it provides an FPS chart once you stop playing. The line graph chart shows the maximum, minimum, and average frame rates.

Price: Free

6. MSI Afterburner

MSI AfterburnerMSI Afterburner is widely regarded as the most adored software for overclocking graphics cards that gives you total control over the performance of your graphic card. It provides a comprehensive overview of the hardware you’re using as well as some additional options like setting up the fan profiles, making yardsticks and recording videos.

One of the best things about it is that it’s free and is compatible using any type of graphics card. The program allows you to exceed the limitations that your card can handle more easily, with the help of tools for overclocking. These programs provide simple and precise accessibility to your settings for the graphics card.

You can increase the frequency of the CPU and also the temperature of the GPU and, during this time the control of the speed of your fan will allow you to achieve the perfect balance between performance and temperature.

Price: Free

7. Radeon Overlay

Radeon OverlayLike GeForce Experience Radeon Overlay was developed by AMD specifically for AMD GPUs. If you don’t have an AMD GPU it isn’t possible to use Radeon Overlay. But If you do then Radeon Overaly, as well as all of its features are all available to you. In the majority of cases it’s the same options GeForce Experience offers.

Some of these functions comprise monitoring the performance of your your gameplay changing the visuals, and of course, calculating your frame rate. To use these options, download and install AMD’s Radeon software. Then, switch the on Radeon Overlay, go into the “Settings” menu, and turn on the FPS counter and any other features you’d prefer to utilize.

Price: Free

8. FPS Monitor

FPS MonitorFPS Monitor is another great program that monitors on the state that your hardware is in. it displays the information as an overlays within games. The best part isthat it does not need the user to switch to a your desktop or connect another display to monitor your PC’s hardware. The FPS display will display all important information in game.

It’s among the first FPS counters that doesn’t only shows FPS figures as accurate as Fraps however, it also displays numerous other benchmarks. This , in turn, provides an in-depth overview of the performance of your equipment while you play. The program evaluates the performance of nearly every piece of hardware that affects your perception of the game.

It shows all information such as, if the load is higher on the GPU or CPU when gaming. It lets you modify fonts, size colors, styles and more. for each sensor’s value. It allows users to design their own overlay. It will also be able to collect data on hardware use and then write it into a be saved for later evaluation.

Price: Free Trial, License price $9.95

9. RadeonPro

RadeonProRadeonPro also known as Radeon Profile Tool is easy to use software designed to reveal the potential of its graphics card. When you play the game, the program uses user-defined profiles. All you have to do is select what you prefer in 3D setting for every game and have them implemented in a way that is automatic every when you are playing.

The program is able to modify your game with the 3D controls that are available through Catalyst Control Center along with the exclusive controls, like the latest V-Sync control technology and post-processing.

This technique gives a stunning appearance to the game and allows it to be more seamless and smooth while you play. If you’re an Crossfire gamer, this enables you make use of multiple GPUs in games that aren’t enabled by your driver. This results in increasing the game’s performance within a couple of clicks.

Price: Free

10. HWiNFO

HWiNFOIt’s a professional program that assists in gathering system information and diagnoses. It provides a detailed hardware analysis, monitoring and reports to Windows OS and DOS.It conducts a thorough analysis of hardware components while keeping the latest standards and technologies up-to-date continuously.

Additionally, it provides live monitoring of your system during gaming. It is also able to monitor every component of your system for a real estimation of their status and the possibility of collapse.

The best part is that it has a user-friendly interface with a broad variety of options. It also provides comprehensive reports with various types of reports. Logging status and interfacing with other add-ons or utilities are just a few other options.

Price: Free, $24

So, this is the list of best FPS Counter software; we hope you found this list helpful. Apart from the frame rate counter, the software also has useful FPS settings like Dynamic Frame Rate control and Lock frame rate.

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