10 Best Desktop Search Tools for Windows 10

Most of us search for a file in the Windows desktop with the in-built search tab, but have you noticed it takes a lot of time to show the search results? Everyone has seen this issue. It’s so annoying to wait to get the results. So, what can we do for getting quicker and faster results? There are few third-party search tools that help you to search files faster and easier on the PC.

If you regularly search for files and documents on Windows then you must start using these Desktop Search Tools. Here, we have listed a few of the best tools, from which most of them are free and a few of them have a pro version. You can pick up any as per your requirements.

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List of 10 Best Desktop Search Tools for Windows 10 to use in 2021

On Windows desktop, searching for files and folders by using the normal search box is slow. But using desktop search tools can be a great option. So, better you switch to these tools instead of using the usual search box in Windows.

1. Everything


Everything is one of the best and fastest desktop search tools for Windows 10. The User Interface is also very simple and easy to use, just install the tool and open it. Now, type anything in the text field and you will get instant results of what you have entered. It is a lightweight software that takes around 5MB of RAM and 1MB disk space. One of the best parts of this software is, it indexes files very quickly and also offers a quick search.

Price: Free

2. Lookeen


Lookeen is a unique desktop search tool where you find everything you need. This tool comes with more features like it can search for content by the file names. You can also see the previews of specific file types and also allows you to edit text files directly. Moreover, it also searches the external drives and there are some filter options that can be used to narrow down the files. The best thing about this tool is it offers a clear view of all the data in the search results. You can also use it from the Windows taskbar or can double-click the CTRL-key.

Price: 14-day Free trial, Premium starts from $49.80

3. grepWin


With grepWin you can search through any directory tree and it finds all the files by matching contents with your search query. It is a free and simple desktop search tool that uses standard expressions to search the files. The input is added to the shell context menu to search for the chosen folders.

Price: Free

4. AstroGrep


AstroGrep is a free and lightweight program that is specially designed to search for files. With this tool, you can also transfer the files on any USB flash drive or on any device. So, you can carry it with you and when you need it you don’t need to install it again. The software has a clean and understandable interface with which you can use it easily. One can specify target location, or add filters while you add text.

Price: Free

5. SearchMyFiles


SearchMyFiles is the best option to use a free desktop search tool. It provides full guidelines for carrying out the searches via different drives and discs of the system. This tool is ready to use without any setup needed. It allows you to set the searches to find in a drive or a folder. Like, for example, you search all the files that are created in the last 15 minutes that contain the word “error” and the size of the file is between 300 and 600 bytes. There is also an option to search for read-only, compressed, and more.

Price: Free

DocFetcher is an open-source desktop app that lets you search the content of files on your computer. It works like Google that saves the local documents. It provides a preview option with highlighting the search term. This tool also lets you sort and filter the results. Many different types of document formats are supported like MS Office, PDF, HTML, RTF, and more. The DocFetcher is a cross-platform tool available for Linux and Windows. There are some unique features like it has support for Unicode, search in source code files, Mime-type revelation, and more.

Price: Free

7. Exselo Desktop

Exselo desktop

Exselo desktop tool lets you search, collaborate, and share information in real-time. By using this software, you can easily find the data you want from the files and emails. And you can easily share your data with friends and can also stay connected with them. However, this tool is not free to use, but it does have a free version. The free version lets you search, collaborate and share. And the pro version has all the functionality and support for all the users. It has few amazing features like instant messaging facility, quick data sharing, unified with Outlook, robust search engine, and more.

Price: Free version, Pro starts with $1.95/month

8. Listary


Listary tool has an innovative way of searching files on your PC. You can easily search files and launch apps for random and advanced users. You must search for the correct name, and look in the Windows restricted menus. It has a lightweight interface that is very easy to use and you don’t need to worry about the speed of your PC or any resources. The Listary tool syncs with Directory Opus, XYplorer, Xplorer2, WinRAR, FileZilla, etc.

Price: Free version, Premium for $19.95

9.  Google Desktop

Using Google Desktop is very easy as it has great speed. Once you install the program, it indexes the files like emails, chats, images, events, and more on your PC. It supports almost all types of files and lets you decide which one to index. Google Desktop is compatible with Windows Vista and the app has a new transparent design. Once the search results are seen in the browser, there will be a preview option that lets you see the results first.

Price: Free

10. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic desktop

It is the best tool for searching computer files and emails. In the free version, one can index and searches more than 119 file types. And in the pro version, one can search for frequently used files like Outlook, PDF, Microsoft Office, and more. On each drive of your computer, you can look up files. As soon as you type in the search bar, you will get results. This tool supports operators like AND, OR, NOT, and more.

Price: 30-day Free trial, Pro starts from $10.99/Yr


If you want to search faster and better, you must select anyone from the above-given list of search tools for Windows 10. Use these search tools and search for files and folders easily on the desktop.

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