March 29, 2023

Apple M1 Based MacBook Runs Windows 10 Better Than Microsoft Surface Pro X

While we hear that Apple’s new ARM-based in-house chip, Apple M1 is powerful, new test results running Windows 10 on this chip are even more astonishing. Developers who used virtualization software to run Windows 10 on Apple M1 based MacBook has seen more the twice the GeekBench benchmark score than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

Apple Serves Windows 10 Better Than Microsoft

Apple’s new in-house chip is making reasonable noise, as it’s showing significant performance improvements than its predecessors and peers. Now, as per new reports, developers who ran Windows 10 on Apple’s M1 based MacBook has seen astonishing performance than that of Surface Pro X.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X runs on a Snapdragon 8cx based processor and comes with Windows 10 OS by default. Since Microsoft itself made both the device and OS, it’s speculated to mix up well and give better results than those with different parts adjoined.

While this did show some differences, Apple could show it well with it’s new M1 based laptops. Since Microsoft made Windows 10 run on ARM-powered devices, it should work on MacBooks running with Apple’s M1, too, since it’s based on ARM architecture.

While Microsoft didn’t explicitly gave permissions to run so, some developers tried doing so with QEMU virtual machine software. The benchmark tests they made on GeekBench resulted that Apple’s M1-based MacBook runs Windows 10 significantly better than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

As per scores, Apple’s M1 based Mac Mini has garnered nearly 5,450 points in the multi-core test, whereas the Surface Pro X has only 3,113 points. This is shaming, but Qualcomm, the maker of Surface Pro X’s chip, said they would better the performance in future chips, and “that will be competitive in the market.”

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